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The women say they want to ensure the children receive what they might have coming as the singer’s next of kin.A third child, Carlysia Levert, 17, also is set to inherit from the estate.But thanks to a top-notch rehabilitation program and the love of family and friends, Howard, 55, persevered.RELATED: Teyonah Parris to Star in Miki Howard TV One Biopic and I see that the same stuff is going on that was going on when I was coming up in the business,” Howard says with a chuckle before getting serious about the point of her autobiographical film.“I really hope that people who have been abused or who have struggled with drugs see this and see themselves,” she says.“If you want to know what happens to a lot of our Black celebrities, watch my movie.We sent him to school to be an engineer, so he would sit at the house with me at my own little studio, and I’d be writing and … So after that, after I stopped evangelizing and stopped preaching to people and stopped and take a look at myself and I saw some things I didn’t like, so I started changing those things.

However, the mothers of two of Levert’s children – son Le Micah Levert, 17, and daughter Camryn Levert, 8 – have challenged Gibson’s status as executor, in part because of his role in writing the will.

At the time of his Gerald’s death, Eddie Levert had been working on a rather ambitious project of his own: he was planning to release his first solo album. But now, he’s released digitally, and he says it’ll land in stores this month. I really think the person is really trying to be, and is working on it every day.

For starters, he’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, he has a BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and of course his group’s hit song "For the Love of Money" soundtracks Donald Trump’s reality show, "The Apprentice". He’s had to bury two sons—singer Gerald Levert died in 2006 and his son, Sean— who also performed in the group Levert, died in 2008.

She even had Gerald’s dad, the legendary Eddie Levert, star as a lead role in her stage play, A Mother’s Love.

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