Qt validating user input

Validation text lets you provide a message to help users who input data that is not valid.

When data is entered, Access checks to see whether the input breaks a validation rule – if so, the input is not accepted, and Access displays a message.

Doing this solves 2 problems - testing the result is now easy and you can now ensure that values rendered back out for display can all be formatted consistently. Regex: Here's a wonderful pattern that most closely matched the validation that I needed to achieve.

The first thing to know is that you do not have to worry about most problems with digital text.

The most difficult work is handled below the application layer, in OSes, UI libraries, and the C library.

Given modern hardware resources, it is unacceptable that we can't yet routinely communicate text in different scripts or containing technical symbols. After reading a lot on the subject and incorporating Unicode compatibility into some of my software, I decided to prepare this quick and highly pragmatic guide to digital text in the 21st century (for C programmers, of course).

I don't mind adding my voice to the numerous articles that already exist on this subject, since the world needs as many programmers as possible to pick up these skills as soon as possible.