Parser doesn t support setschema not validating

A schema is a collection of type definitions and element declarations whose names belong to a particular namespace called a target namespace.

*/ Validating(false); /* This should be the default, but let's be safe and try and disable it.The example uses Java Script to load an XML schema in and use it to verify an XML document.The XML support in Internet Explorer is built into the MSXML package.xml($xml_string, NULL, LIBXML_DTDVALID)) libxml_use_internal_errors(TRUE);$xml_array = xml2assoc($xml);$ar Errors = libxml_get_errors();$xml_errors = "";foreach ($ar Errors AS $xml Error) $xml_errors .= $xml Error-set Parser Property(XMLReader:: VALIDATE, true);" This enables DTD checking, but you can also check by using Relax NG (see set Relax NGSchema() and set Relax NGSchema Source()).And also, this is NOT correct: "If you just need to check if XML file is well formed, successful loading into XMLReader object is usually enough." It is not enough.