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Xemnas also wields Ethereal Blades into battle, which are sword-like beams of light and can manipulate nothingness. Xigbar’s ability is to manipulate space such teleporting and levitating. Xaldin is manipulative and loves to exploit enemies weaknesses. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Lexaeus is deceased because he was defeated by Riku / Ansem in Chain of Memories. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Zexion is deceased because Replica Riku was convinced by Axel to eliminate Zexion and steal his power for his own. In combat, Saïx wields the Lunatic, which is a claymore similar to what his Berserker Nobodies wield. He was also the Assassin assign to rid the Organization of the traitors in Castle Oblivion, being the cause of some of their demises.

The colouring on the coat prevents it from being a flat colour and creates a three dimensional finish, capturing all the subtle shadows and folds.

will be one of the new worlds that Sora, Donald, and Goofy get to explore in the Disney-Square Enix collaborative franchise.

That, new gameplay demos, and brand spanking new graphics that look even better than Pixar’s then-cutting edge film, are breathing hope back into my cold, hollow soul that believed we’d never get a trailer is chock full of more gameplay and story than any other trailer released before.

The dialogue is in Japanese, so it’s hard to decipher to specifics, but it leads the team to a fight on Andy’s driveway as well as what looks like Pizza Planet. would take on the form of whatever the inhabitants of the world they’re exploring look like — mermaid tails for .

When I first saw the thumbnail for the trailer released by Disney at this year’s D23 Expo, I was horror-struck by how bad the graphics looked. Then I realized that Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stylized to imitate how the toys look in Andy’s bedroom in , and yes, I am dumb. It also gave us the weird monstrosity of Donald Duck with octopus legs (he’s … ) but we’ll just block that out of our minds again.