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Doctors have for years used transvaginal ultrasounds to evaluate intrauterine fibroids and tumors.The probe is standard protocol among obstetricians: The grainy, black-and-white images provide information about the viability and stage of gestation and give women Facebook bragging rights.In this case, argued before Judge Tanya Pratt of the U. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, PPINK argues that requiring a woman to receive an ultrasound 18 hours before a scheduled abortion is unconstitutional and seeks a preliminary injunction.The relevant portion of the law states, “At least eighteen (18) hours before an abortion is performed and at the same time that the pregnant woman receives the information required by [the state’s informed consent laws], the provider shall perform, and the pregnant woman shall view, the fetal ultrasound imaging and hear the auscultation of the fetal heart tone if the fetal heart tone is audible unless the pregnant woman certifies in writing” that she does not want to do so.In states where these restrictions have been passed, some women have been forced to have a surgical procedure when they would have chosen non-surgical abortion instead.Non-surgical abortion gives a woman the option of a more private and what may feel like a less invasive method of ending a pregnancy, in a setting in which she feels most comfortable.

House Bill 1077 would mandate it, leveraging the weight of the law.In states around the country, anti-women's health legislators are trying to eliminate funding for family planning or block Planned Parenthood's participation in public health programs.While state attacks on Planned Parenthood patients vary, the outcome would be the same: women's ability to receive basic health care -— including cancer screenings, well-woman exams, and birth control — from their trusted health care provider would be severely undermined. Constitution protects a woman's right to make her own medical decisions, including her decision to have an abortion.1337, which was signed by Governor Mike Pence in March.PPINK’s challenge to the law’s prohibition on abortions motivated by the race, sex, or disability of the unborn child also awaits adjudication.