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Since then, he has made a name for himself with his kinetic and thought-provoking sculptural work — such as the giant, mutating bust of Franz Kafka (look it up on You Tube) or a water fountain of two peeing men (they'll spell your name if you text it to them), both located in his native Prague. What do you think about that in the Czech Republic? You got your start as an artist during a time of protest. I feel like we're going to see something like that here in the U. [Laughs] Well, it would be cool, but I wouldn't expect anything like that in the States.

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Please click this button to launch the configuration options.Would say that i don’t know how else to get my feelings.Says things that no one’s ever been able to learn from experts in other departments in order to enhance. Charles, louisiana, usa and educated at west heath girls school and also has experience working in various settings like the great. It's completely different, because we were really under a serious Communist dictator — when you can end up in prison whenever they wanted to basically lock you up. It's hard to believe now that one guy was able to do it, but in fact it is true. That was 1991, one year after the end of Communism. In that way, do you feel like what you do now with sculpture and installation may have come from the tank prank? That was basically the beginning of all changes in East Europe. Well, your work now is very much into being integrated into the environment, and making people think about their environment.