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In hindsight, some of these stories are hilarious, but man, what is wrong with people?

Check out these stories, and leave your own in the comments. The Bank Robber So a friend of mine (not a euphemism for me) was on his second deployment as a married man.

But first there would be a dress rehearsal on a huge scale, codenamed Exercise Tiger. Dummy enemy positions and concrete pillboxes were constructed.

Each assault team for the rehearsal comprised 30 men, heavily armed with mortars, machine guns, bazookas and flamethrowers.

Melanie Daria, one of Trustify’s private investigators, first saw Peter’s profile when it was sent to her by Phoebe, a client.

People need to know that unscrupulous individuals are stealing the good name of soldiers to manipulate people and take their money.The empty pubs were overrun with "Yanks" who treated beer like flat soda pop.These were the GIs who on June 6 would assault the beachheads of Normandy.She knows when her clients are thrown a breadcrumb and teaches them how to not pick it up. BELA GANDHI: Breadcrumbing is kind of a negative thing. Or you're really not that interested and you're just keeping them lured in for your own potentially evil, sinister, narcissistic purposes. If your self-esteem needs to be bolstered by leading some other people on, tend to look in the mirror. GANDHI: If you're the breadcrumb-ee, just stop eating the crumbs. That next date should be no more than one week later if the person is really in, too. LAGROW: What do dating trends like ghosting and breadcrumbing say about millennials who are dating right now?It means you're not really that interested in somebody, but you're throwing them crumbs to keep them connected and hooked. Asking For A Friend: What Should My Dating Profile Pictures Look Like? LAGROW: Let's call it what it is: emotional manipulation. LAGROW: So, if you are a breadcrumb-er, how do you stop? Do the things that are going to make you feel good. And if they're going to like a photo or text you, don't fall into that trap. No one is too busy to not ask you out again for three weeks. LAGROW: Is it weird to explicitly lay out your intentions with someone? So if someone is like, "Cody, I really like you," and then you don't hear from them for 11.5 days, do they really like you? GANDHI: It says that they like new catchphrases and hashtags for behavior that we've all been doing centuries, but now they have cool names and go on social media and social media likes to blow up.