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I always refuel the car before turning it in, but being close on my flight time and not seeing a service station, I had to turn it in needing fuel. Also, staff had to keep stopping to answer phone which delayed me getting the car and hitting the road.

I pre-paid and booked a car at the airport location, when I went to the airport to pick up the car the woman at the counter told me that I needed a credit card to rent the already paid for car. I then had to call my sister to come and provide her credit card.

Retained on the summer reading list at Antioch, Illinois High School [2009] despite objections from several parents who found its language vulgar and racist.

In response to concerns, however, the district will form a committee each March to review future summer reading assignments.

To return to the “Alphabet Tool”, click on any linked title. “Arrahattock Town Site (43-52 – Dutch Gap Quad) Arrahattock was an important Indian town when the first Englishmen sailed up the James River in 1607.

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